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Kylie Jenner’s Grandmother Giving Her ‘Two Cents’ On Kylie’s Split with Travis Scott

Kendall and Kylie Jenner definitely have a wise grandmother! Esther Jenner, the mother of former Olympian Bruce Jenner (who is known now as Caitlyn Jenner) dished out to The Sun Online recently on why she thinks her granddaughter’s relationship with rapper and musician, Travis Scott didn’t last long.

Esther Jenner – source: Instagram @caitlynjenner

“Young people today, they think they can live together, start a family together, without being married. It doesn’t work!” says 93 year old Esther. Preach!

Kylie and Travis first started dating in 2017 when he was performing at the music festival Coachella and they were seen cuddling and kissing each other after the festival. 

They ended up moving in together and later had a baby named Stormi who was born on 1st February 2018.

However their romance was short lived and fizzled only after 2 years of being together. The couple called it quits sometime in October this year. 

Esther tells The Sun that she keeps in touch regularly with Kylie and they both have iPhones and Facetime where Kylie will sometimes put Stormi on Facetime so that Esther can see her progress. 

When asked if she had ever met Scott, Esther said,”I’ve never met him, I tell you who I was surprised I liked so much…Kanye. He’s very intelligent, and he’s down to earth.” Wow! 

Kylie announced her separation from Travis via Twitter in October amidst the claims of the rapper cheated on her several times which was later denied by the Travis. 

Kylie tweeted, “Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi! Our friendship and our daughter is priority.” 

Be that as it may, the pair agreed to share 50/50 custody of their daughter and refrain from talking about the split in public. 

Who knows, they might rekindle their romance one day? Maybe a split will do them good and then, they’ll probably decide to get married. Nothing is impossible in Hollywood. 

Picture credit: Instagram @kyliejenner

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