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Kylie Jenner’s Stalker Put in Bars For a Year After Invading Her Residence

It’s a common thing when a famous personnel or celebrities would have paparazzi tailing them wherever they go. And it’s well-known as well that these people would always have fans that you can consider a bit too much in showing their love and supports to their favourite artist.

But when you invade someone’s privacy, you’re automatically considered as a criminal and labeled as “stalker”.

Unfortunately for the television personality and fashion icon Kylie Jenner, she was recently “stormed” by a stalker.

▲  A man, Brandon Sebastian Sevilla Martinez was allegedly invaded the star’s property in LA.

Found guilty, the police reports unsheathed that the man have trekked the reality star’s private Calabasas estate and began to bang on her door, demanding to meet the 22-year-old who had not been home at the time.

Kylie’s security team was reported to have taken matter into their own hands and charged for trespassing misdemeanor and brought into jail as glass pipe was found in his belongings.

The man initially pleaded not guilty for the charges but upon his second hearing, he confessed and has subsequently ordered to spend one year at the Los Angeles County Jail.

The man was further handed a three year probationary period for his antics and was sternly ordered to stay clear of Kylie’s property.

Kylie has already demanded a temporary restraining order against the man while her lawyer will go to court next month to make sure the order becomes permanent.


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