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M! Countdown Charts Will Be Changing Their Voting Concept

According to Allkpop, Mnet will be changing the way they calculated the points for every artists!

There are many allegations which state that the chart counted the points wrongly. The best example is excluding Twice and Sistar from the chart’s voting system which caused a big commotion from fans of both groups.

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This led M! Countdown chart to be heavily criticised by fans. They believe that both the artists and fans have worked very hard to ensure their favourite idols win the show.

With all these allegations, Mnet said,

“Starting from the episode on the 26th this week, the way the charts are calculated will be changed.

“We will be increasing the ratio of global fan votes and social media votes to reflect the global popularity of K-pop.”

The initial score counting method was as follows:

Digital Single Sales – 50%
Album Sales – 15%
Social Media Points (YouTube official music video views + SNS buzz) – 15%
Preference Points (global fans vote through Mwave, Mnet Japan and Mnet America + age range preference) – 10%
Mnet Broadcast Points – 10%
SMS Votes – 10%

Now, the updated counting method is mostly based on global fans’ and social media votes. This is due to KPOP artists taking the world by storm and achieving great results in overseas.

So, they have more global fans now than ever.

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Besides, M! Countdown’s new look also includes a global MC crew made up of idols who can fluently speak various languages.

A new segment called Today’s Song will also be added in to recommend songs that are the most popular on digital charts, karaokes, and on social media.

The Today’s Song Weekly Chart will choose songs that are popular among Korean fans via social media and karaokes. Then, the songs will be arranged accordingly.

It’s a great concept which M! Countdown is implementing because it shows that the programme is finally appreciating the international fans’ input as well.

Be sure to catch the new M! Countdown starting from April 26th at 6pm KST every week.

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