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Music Award Shows are Planning Events Based on BTS’ Schedule!

Music award shows typically take place at the end of the year and organisers usually start inviting artists a few months prior to it.

However, it is common to find certain celebrities not attending some of the events due to their busy schedules.

One thing that’s different this time is that organisers are actually planning their entire show to revolve around BTS’ schedule.

Thanks to their many successes, including their latest album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, organisers are fighting to get the boys onto their shows, Koreaboo wrote.

An event planner said,

“Music awards and festivals are usually held at the end of the year, so we review the achievements and figures and determine the final line up during the latter half of the year.

“However, if the album sales or other figures are significant, we schedule with the artist and their agency beforehand. BTS has already produced significant results that do not even need to be reviewed any further.

“This is why the war for casting BTS has begun.”

Unfortunately, it seems like these event companies need a year’s notice because BTS’ schedule is already jam packed.

Big Hit Entertainment said in a statement,

“This year’s schedule is already full. If additional world tour performances are added, it will be an extremely busy year.”

Also, seeing as BTS was mostly in the states around the end of the year, it comes as no surprise if the boys were to join award shows over there instead.


Where do you guys prefer to see BTS? In American or South Korean award shows?

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