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These 10 Celebrities and Their Cats Will Make You Wish You were Their Pet

Some animals are super lucky to have amazing owners but some of them are even luckier to have celebrities as their owners.

Not only are they well groomed, much loved by both the owner and their fans, they also get kinda famous! The way these pets are taken care of, some of us might even wish we were their pet. Anything to get closer to Oppa, right?

Did you even know that these celebrities have got cats? Here’s 10 celebrities and their little furry lovelies.

1. Lego – Hyorin

Image via Twitter

Former SISTAR member, Hyorin, has been known for her love for cats. She has one cat at home which is a Snow Bengal baby boy and its name is Lego.

Lego is popular among all of Hyorin’s fans as she always upload pictures of Lego on her social media sites. 


2. Heebum – Super Junior’s Heechul

Heebum is a famous cat among all ELFs (Super Junior’s fans) as Heechul always share pictures of Heebum on social media sites.

The name Heebum comes from a combination of Heechul’s name and another Super Junior’s member, Kibum. It is a Russian Blue cat and it has a soft black fur and big round eyes. Isn’t it the cutest?!


3. Tuna – f(X)’s Amber

Image via Pictame

Amber has a dog and a cat as her pets. Tuna is also a Russian Blue cat with shiny black fur that’s soft to touch.

Tuna shares an Instagram account with her brother, Jack Jack! Amber will upload many pictures of them for fans to see. Tuna is definitely a cutie pie!


4. Kunni – Kim So Eun

Image via Amino Apps

Kim So Eun’s cat, Kunni, has made a few appearances in variety shows such as We Got Married alongside Song Jae Rim. So Eun always post pictures of her cat all the time nn her Instagram too.

Awww~ This white fur ball is the cutest! 


5. Koong and Dda Dda – CNBLUE’s Minhyuk

Image via Pinterest

Minhyuk is a cat lover and he owns 2 cats, Koong and Dda Dda. He explained in a magazine interview that he named the cats based on the sound of drums that he likes. 

Both his cats appeared in a magazine photo shoot before as they paired up with Minhyuk and graced the magazine cover. Let’s give way to 2 superstar cats! 


6. Dadoong – Sandara Park and Thunder

Image via YouTube

Sandara Park and her little brother, Thunder, have a cat called Dadoong. It is a Siberian cat and it is a large-breed cat. Sandara also always talks about Dadoong in reality shows and interviews. 

Fun fact: Sandara purposely wakes her cat up sometimes just to take pretty pictures of it.


7. Johnny – WINNER’s Mino

Image via Pinterest

Johnny is a female munchkin cat owned by Winner’s Mino. Mino always dance with Johnny. There’s one time where Mino and Johnny danced and sang along to Big Bang’s FXXX IT.


8. Hoya – 9Muses’s HyuNa

9Muses’s HyuNa is known to be the Sexy Queen but she has a soft spot for cats.

She is a cat resident of the 9 Muses as she also has huge interest and love for kitties. Just look at the lace collar around Hoya’s neck! Awww…


9. Ahnju – Ahn Jae Hyun

Image via Amino Apps

Ahn Jae Hyun has a white fluffy cat named Ahnju. It is a Scottish Fold breed with bent ears that face downwards. Jae Hyun always show off Ahnju on his personal Instagram account and fans definitely love it.


10. Tigger, Leo and Leon – JYJ’s Junsu

Image via kouchpotato

JYJ’s Junsu obviously has a big love for cats because he himself has 3 cats. Tigger is an American Shorthair (Silver Tabby), Leon is Abyssinian and Leo is a Scottish Fold.

Junsu is known to gush a lot about cats as he always said in interviews that he loves cats.

Wow! Fans are surely envious of Tigger, Leon and Leo for having a handsome oppa as their master.


These cats are definitely living their life as top idols’ pets. We fans also hope that we could be like them too so that we may have good looking people take such good care of us.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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