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Zarina Losing Her Cool After Her Son’s Struck Incident

Taking care of a pair of twins with autism spectrum disorder is very tough.

It is always challenging for Zarina Zainuddin to look after her children as their behaviour is very unexpected.

The 48-year-old mother shared a video of one of her sons Muhammad Razil Azrai a.ka. Azil, 23, who threw a fit after being told to not follow his older brother Muhammad Raizal Azrai or better know as Azal to the gym yesterday.

“Azal wanted to follow his older brother to the gym, he ran out of the car and a tantrum when I called for him to get back inside the car”

“Doctors have prescribed medicine for Azil, but as a mother, I don’t have the heart to let Azil consume the medicine as it will only make him feel physically weak”

“The risk of taking care of kids with autism is very high, they have a lot of energy when they are older. And when there is no activity to do, they become hyperactive.” – says Zarina on her instagram post. 

Zarina Zainuddin really has a lot of patience in handling her pair of twins, and always shares her daily dealings on her Instagram account. 

In another video, Zarina is in tears herself and telling Azil off that her shoulders hurt after being struck by him.

Her caption reads: 

“I have to stand the pain by myself. My shoulders hurt badly after Azil struck it trice. I will put up to everything while I am still alive.

“I hope that Azil can take care of himself when the time for me to leave the world has come”

Here are some of the comments that Zarina received on her Instagram:

ybyati says

”If I were in your shoes Kak Ina, I would just give up and cry. You are a strong lady, you inspire me to do my best with my kids. May you continue to be strong for  your kids and husband”

A comment from syahidatulsofea,

”Be strong Kak, I work in the special education field. I am currently training children with autism. We have to really be strong. We will be happy if they are showing progress. Allah is with you Kak”

Netizens are always supporting Zarina for her strength in raising up the boys and we all hope that she will continue to be a committed strong mother for her children.

Written by Fatin Zafirah  

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