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Zayn Malik Wants Gigi Hadid Back but She’s Hesitant

It’s been a few days since the photo of Zayn Malik kissing Gigi Hadid surfaced which sent the internet crazy.

Because let’s admit it, we were sad when they got together but we were even more heartbroken when they broke up.

E! News reports that Zayn is super ready to get back with the model and make it official once more but Gigi is hesitant!

Source: KOKO TV

An insider told E! News that its the singer who is desperate to get back together.

“Zayn really wants to be with [Gigi] and has made it clear. He misses her and can’t stand being apart. 

“Gigi’s a little bit more hesitant.

“They aren’t officially back together but they are talking and hanging out.”




One of the major reasons why they broke up was because of their very different and busy schedules.

“They are both so busy with their careers and travelling the world. It makes it very difficult to be in a relationship.

“[The couple] broke up because it wasn’t working and nothing has really changed.

“She does love him, but she isn’t completely sure this is where she wants to be right now.

“They both needed the space to clear their heads. Zayn reached out to Gigi after a week and they decided to see each other and see how things go.”

Though the couple called it quits after more than 2 years of being together, “no love was ever lost between them”.

What do you guys think of the two possibly getting back together?



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