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Zulin Aziz Did Achey Justice, Winning RM10,000 Weekly Prize Again!

The fourth week of Bintang Bersama Bintang 2019 (BBB 2019) ended with a splendid win by Achey, making him the only contestant so far to win the weekly title twice! 

For his winning performance, Achey highlighted a current issue on wives being so obsessed with social media, and it really impressed the audience with a comedy full of messages. 

Last night’s five-minute sketch was coloured by the singer and actress, Zulin Aziz, as Achey’s guest artist. 

Their story-line was about a couple who were always quarrelling because the wife is too occupied with social media and it has affected her responsibilities to look after the household. 

Official juries of BBB 2019, Saiful Apek and Mark Adam, also praised the couple for their outstanding delivery during the night.

Although Achey was not feeling well last night, and Zulin too did not have enough rest for the show, the duo still performed at their best and managed to receive roaring cheers from the audience in the studio. 

Zulin Aziz uploaded a photo of her and Achey after their win last night with the caption:

“One is not so well, and one only had two hours of sleep. Thank you for inviting  me, Achey. Let’s all continue to support Achey in BBB 2019 okay? Alhamdulillah, we won this week.”

Zulin is very familiar to the stage as she has also performed with Bocey and Titan on BBB’s previous seasons.

The ‘Dan Ketika Itu’ singer is also known to have a comedic personality as she entertains her fans and followers on Instagram. 

Here’s a playback of their performance last night for those of you who missed out:

Congratulations once again, Achey.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to BBB 2019 every Sunday at 9:30PM on TV3 or watch it online on tonton

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Written by Fatin Zafirah

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