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Hey Tech Geeks, Here’s a Travel List Curated Just For You

Malaysians rank among some of the world’s most enthusiastic tech consumers – let’s face it, we love our gadgets!

So for those of you who get anxious at the thought of a digital detox and would instead prefer to play with the latest
robots or virtual reality (VR) technology, Agoda’s got you covered with these tech-focused travel experiences and futuristic hotels.

Go nuts and bolts over Tokyo’s hi-tech innovations

As one of the world’s biggest supplier of robotics, Japan is the place to be for the latest tech gadgets and innovations. Take for example, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation located on Tokyo’s own man-made island Odaiba.

Here you’ll find exhibitions on technology and space exploration, as well as ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.

Another must-see for tech-enthusiasts visiting Tokyo is the Akihabara shopping district, where you can find any and every kind of tech gadget available.

Relax and unwind at The Peninsula Tokyo, where user-friendly and intuitive technology enhances the guest experience, from centralised wireless controls that regulate lighting, alarms, curtains and audio-visual systems in the room, to monitors that keep track of the temperature and humidity levels inside and outside the hotel.


Don your headsets for a time travel tour in New York City

Ditch the conventional double-decker tour bus and instead opt for a more immersive adventure on-board The Ride.

Their 90-minute virtual reality experience not only takes visitors through Downtown Manhattan’s most notable neighbourhoods and landmarks, but also through different time periods and significant moments in history.

When it comes to accommodation, tech lovers ought to make a stop at YOTEL, a futuristic boutique robot hotel that features automated check-in kiosks and a luggage storage robot called YOBOT.

Each YOTEL ‘cabin’ features ‘techno walls’ that come with a flat-screen TV, multiple power points for all your gadgets and iPod connectivity; audio streaming; motion-sensor temperature controls; and signature SmartBeds that can convert from a full bed to a sofa.


Experience next generation art in Singapore

Singapore is known for its numerous urban innovation and transformation projects and is one of the most future-looking cities in the world.

When in the Lion City, immerse yourself in new art disciplines at The Marina Bay Sand’s Future World: Where Arts Meets Science exhibition where you can enter a futuristic world made of cutting-edge digital installations that combine art and science.

When it’s time for a little R&R, future tech is still in order at W Singapore Sentosa Cove, which gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘underground music’.

The hotel’s claim to fame is its high-tech outdoor swimming pool which incorporates 24 speakers that can play music, even underwater!


Go for a 360-degree gaming experience in Hong Kong

Hard-core gamers ought to make a stop at Hong Kong’s Playdium Virtual Reality for a hi-tech experience that will get your adrenaline up.

At this VR arcade you’ll find top-of-the-line gadgets that aren’t available in the commercial market.

There’s no shortage of games either, from zombies and fantasy worlds to painting and even therapeutic applications, Playdium has got it all.

And when it’s time to recharge, be sure to check out The Upper House. Each room is equipped with motion sensors to ensure housekeeping won’t interrupt your sleep-in!


For more accommodation options visit or download the mobile app.

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