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Learn to Make Your Own Special CNY Cookies to Serve Visitors This Year

Chinese New Year is packed with fun family times, visiting relatives and friends, lighting firecrackers and simply stuffing yourself with the tantalising meals served.

The ambience is a sight to behold and laughter spreads like wildfire. But what if Harriston told you they have a way to make it even better?

Holding tight to its tagline, “A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience”, Harriston always strives to give their customers the best of chocolates paired with the best of experiences.

Exclusive for this Chinese New Year period, the local award-winning chocolatier will be organising a fun-filled, hands-on CNY Chocolate DIY Workshop.

With 4 processes altogether, each session lasts for almost an hour and is open for people to join every day from 9.30am to 6.00pm for only RM50.

Participants will get the chance to learn more on the science behind creating chocolates and have fun while they are at it.

Revolutionising their current DIY workshop, this seasonal offering will educate the people on how one can make their very own Chocolate Dipped Oranges, Chocolate Chopsticks, Chocolate Biscuits and at the same time, wrapping their traditional steamer basket of chocolates with the ‘Fu’ symbol signifying happiness and fortune in a box.

Queenie Teng, Executive Director of Harriston, said,

“We’ve made it a point to ensure that this seasonal-specific workshop is infused with the Chinese culture and traditions to further engage Malaysians on the stories behind the celebration.

“What better way than to celebrate when you have your family and friends having fun together while making chocolates at a chocolatier?”

The elements incorporated in the workshop reside close within the hearts of those celebrating. Mandarin oranges, considered to be synonymous with the celebration is said to represent happiness and abundance.

On top of that, salt, being one of the seven necessities of life, based on the cosmological methods of Chinese cuisine, plays an important role in strengthening one’s body.

Another element included in this experiential journey are chopsticks! Considered to be the yin and yang binary, they must always be used as a pair signifying the importance of togetherness in this journey we call life.

Finally, the use of bamboo steamers is to press on the importance of Chinese heritage and showcase how cuisines in China were prepared thousands of years ago.

Not only is Harriston incorporating these elements into the workshop, they too want to ensure that their customers get the best experience. Engaging the senses, the session emphasises on the fact that participants will be able to see, smell, taste and touch the chocolates. Hence, making the classes even more meaningful, exciting and delicious!

Teng added,

“We want fellow Malaysians to know that we are always here to celebrate their special days with a chocolate twist.

“Not only do we want our sessions to be educational, we also want them to be fun and celebratory!

“With this approach, our aim is to spread more joy and laughter for family members and friends to enjoy one another’s company especially with our chocolates.”

Now hailed as one of the largest chocolate makers in country, Harriston currently runs its Chinese New Year Chocolate DIY Workshop exclusively at their flagship store in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras and The Linc KL at Jalan Tun Razak.

The sessions are only limited to 50 participants. For more information, please call +603 9281 5122 or log on to www.harristonchocolate.com.

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