Events By: Asrul Haliff January 23, 2020 @ 1:30pm

Reasons Why You Should Go To Sunway Lagoon On This Chinese New Year

It’s the new year! It’s a holiday!

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Sunway Lagoon on its “RAT-tical” Chinese New Year festive celebration starting on the 23rd of January up until February 6th 2020!

Specially on the first two days of CNY—25th and 25th January—bring along some extra recycle bags as the God of Prosperity will visit and greet you with exclusive Captain Quack and Friends CNY Ang Pau’s along with mandarin oranges! Further to heat up the festive spirit, exhilarating show performances like lion dance and “A Mouse Tale” by Captain Quack & Friends and the Sifu Lao Shu will also await you to spectacle!

▲ The 8 Seasons Drums will also be performed during the “RAT-tastic” period.

The Rat Zodiac Statue at the main entrance is also another attraction one not to miss! To obtain LUCK, touch the statue and make your way to the Huat Cheese Mountain where you can make a wish for ‘Luck’ by tossing your coin into the mountain’s cheese hole.

▲ You will receive ONE gold chocolate bar for every coin thrown!

For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, make a wish for ‘Good Relationships’ in 2020 by holding the orange and throwing it into the Wishing Love Pond. May it come true!

▲ May your wish for ‘Good Relationship’ makes true.

That’s not all! The NEW and upgraded Zambezi River is finally open to public! Immersed in the sounds of African drums, illuminated neon painted walls, geyser water sprays and tipping buckets, it’s the perfect escape from the scorching heat of Malaysia’s weather!

▲ Dipping into Zambezi River will definitely make your CNY more special than ever!

If you’re planning on hosting an exclusive Chinese New Year reunion or gathering session with family, head on to for further info!


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