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Singita Offers Holiday Filled with Exhilarating Activities for the Entire Family

South Africa’s untamed wilderness and magnificent wildlife offers truly life-changing, accessible travel experiences.

A Singita safari encompasses a multi-generational family holiday filled with exhilarating activities, shared adventure and opportunities to connect with nature and different cultures.

Singita offers a variety of activities for young explorers, from board games, arts and crafts to an innovative “Mini-game Rangers’ Course.

The course (available in South Africa and Zimbabwe) covers animal tracking, bird watching, learning bush survival, frogging, butterfly capture and release, astronomy and a fun guide’s test.

Children are welcomed with an age-appropriate survival kit that includes a small satchel, water bottle and sunscreen.

Upon completion, the mini rangers are quizzed on their new-found knowledge in an entertaining test and awarded with a certificate to recognise their accomplishments.

Teens are challenged in different ways – getting their hands dirty helping to plant trees at nearby community schools and learning basic survival skills, including how to make a fire, find a water source and identify edible and medicinal plants.

Five Singita lodges in South Africa offer different accommodation options for family groups.

Ebony, Boulders and Lebombo Lodges offer spacious two-bedroom family suites, and the multi-generational groups wanting the greatest privacy and flexibility can reserve one of three exclusive private villas from the Singita Private Villa Collection.  

Singita Castleton (Sabi Sand), Ebony Villa (Sabi Sand) or Lebombo Villa (Kruger National Park), come with a pool, private chef, safari vehicle and Field Guide, and can accommodate up to eight guests.

Babysitting facilities are available at each of Singita’s lodges and private villas, so parents can enjoy time in the fitness centre, spa or the seclusion of their suites.

Travelling with Singita contributes to Singita’s 100-year purpose to protect the African wilderness – enabling conservation projects, local community development and education.

Responsible travellers who seek a more active participation in preservation projects can spend time learning about the solar plant and visit Singita’s Community Culinary School – which produces ten highly-skilled commi chefs from the local community each year – both are based at Lebombo Lodge in the Kruger National Park.

A safari is an opportunity for guests to disconnect from the digital world and immerse themselves in nature to create lifelong memories together as a family.

Whether it includes learning how to track and identify birds and animals, or how to spot the Southern Cross in the night sky, a safari is an experience far removed from the usual holiday.

Every aspect of a Singita family safari is individualised, from dining to game drives.

With direct flights to Johannesburg from Singapore and Hong Kong, Singita’s South African lodges are a convenient destination for family holidays.

Singita provides a seamless, hassle-free travel service with meet-and-greet staff and comfortable transfers.

Upon arrival in Johannesburg, scheduled private Federal Air flights from O.R. Tambo International Airport whisks guests directly to the lodges.


Singita Boulders & Ebony Lodge

  • Family suites start from SGD 7,460 per suite per night (2 adults & 2 children aged 10 years and older).
  • Children of all ages are welcome at Ebony Lodge.
  • Infants under the age of 2 years accommodated free of charge.
  • Children aged 10-16 years accommodated at 50% of the adult rate when sharing a Standard Suite or Lewis Suite with one adult or another child.


Singita Ebony Villa

  • Exclusive use starts from SGD 21, 000 per night (8 guests).


Singita Lebombo Lodge

  • Two-bedroom suites start from SGD 8,810 per suite per night (2 adults & 2 children).
  • Villa rate from SGD 23, 500 per night (8 guests)


Singita Sweni Lodge

  • Suites start from SGD 2,840 per adult per night and SGD 1, 420 per child per night. With infants under the age of 2 years free of charge and children aged 2-16 years at 50% of the adult rate when sharing a standard Suite with 1 adult or another child.
  • Children of all ages welcomed.


Singita Castleton Lodge

  • Exclusive use starts from SGD 24,780 per lodge per night (1-8 guests)
  • Children of all ages are welcomed.


For more information, check out Singita’s website.

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