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Stand Out This Chinese New Year in Timely Style

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and we know what this entails. We,  the working-class urbanites, will be travelling back to our hometown to reunite with family members – some we love dearly, most we’ve never seen.

As excited as we are to celebrate the auspicious month and usher in luck with our closest families and friends, it’s also customary to mentally prepare ourselves to face some of the best interrogative skills that have been mastered by our relatives after years and decades of honing – sometimes, the CIA doesn’t even come close.

Sympathetic with our woes, Red Army Watches is here with a curated list of exclusive accessories that are not only impressive wardrobe additions to welcome a prosperous Year of the Boar, but to also double as stylish distractions you can deploy when relatives start to ignite an invasive line of firework questioning.

Methods of distraction can vary according to product and your own improvisation.

For instance, reveal the classy Globetrotter at the right moment, such as when you’re in the centre of an embarrassing conversation, and impress them with your passion for travel and all the plans you’ve made for the new year.

Or, start dishing out the long WWII history that inspired the RJM 02 to that nephew who is persistently bugging for ang pow money despite knowing you’re single and broke, after which he falls asleep and you can make a run for it.

With the celebrations closing in, there’s no time to spare. So check out the following accessories for something you can wear.

Globetrotter Poljot International – RM2,858

Globetrotter is a fancy timepiece for avid travelers. A double timer, it is integrated with an adjustable second time zone at the position of ‘6’, great for travellers to keep track of time in their home country.

At ‘12’, a detailed disc showing the globe with moon and sun serves as a day/night display. Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide, the screwed crystal back is engraved with a limitation number on the edge.

The piece is put together with a riffled crown, sapphire crystal glass, silver open dial and a calf leather strap.

The view is just as amazing from behind, with blued screws and intricate inner structures that can be observed as the clock winds up.


RJM 02 REC Watches – RM5,439

A piece of history on the wrist, the RJM 02 is part of a collection that incorporates untreated aluminium cut directly from PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft of World War 2.

It comes with powerful lume on hands and hour markers, sapphire crystal glass, mineral crystal caseback glass, and calf leather or canvas straps.

Case – inspired by the watches worn by the British Royal Airforce and British army during WWII.

Crown tip – inspired by the nose cone of Spitfire fighter mixed with traditional diamond shaped crown. The four “holes” on the tip marks the number of blades on the aircraft propeller.

Rotor decoration – inspired by the Spitfire metal rivet construction.

The dial – round the date window is recycled from a piece of aluminium cut directly from the Spitfire aircraft.


M2B/01 Sevenfriday – RM6,745

The latest addition to the wildly popular M-Series, M2B/01 is a proof of Sevenfriday’s love for originality and industrial design.

It’s multi-level interface is embellished with 7 integrated layers of gunmetal contrasted by detail in rose gold colouring.

The stainless steel with black PVD coating animation ring, outstanding Miyota 8215 engine and NFC chip make it a sought-after timepiece.

Combining the rustic shades with brown calf leather, this piece transforms the series into an ideal embodiment of the industrial revolution.


Sixtythree Alexander Shorokhoff – RM6,800

A unique vintage design, Sixtythree is inspired by the popular flat designs of the sixties. The touch of rose gold plated indexes 20, 40 and 60 adds to the model’s finesse, while its Swiss rotor is engraved and refined the Shorokhoff style.

The case is crafted with brushed and polished stainless steel, with anti-reflective on its sapphire glass. The model’s curved claret dial is the perfect colour to usher in wealth and luck during the auspicious season.


Malibu Insane INS1/01 Sevenfriday – RM1,115

Industrial design meets west coast, Sevenfriday’s Malibu Insane series brings out the carefree California beach vibes that we all need in our lives.

Surprisingly, it also comes with Sevenfriday’s original NFC technology for authenticity verification via the Android App.

The pair of sunnies has two frames;
Frame 1: Pink stainless steel frame
Frame 2: Light blue acetate frame with horizontal wood pattern.

Blinders: Foldable & removable blinders with 1-sided beach inspired prints on scuba with pink and light blue colour accents. Light blue leather belts with blue stitching hold the blinders in place.

Lenses: Cat.3 – CR39 REVO mirror lenses coloured in gradient red to yellow with blue anti-reflective coating on the inside. 100% UVA/UVB protective lenses.


All the timepieces are available at all Red Army Watches outlets — 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, and Gurney Plaza as well as in Sunway Velocity.

The Malibu Insane INS1/01 by Sevenfriday is exclusively available at Sevenfriday Space (L2-01, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place).

For more info, please visit

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