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BTS’ Jin Bought RM7.5 Million Hannam The Hill Property in Cash

Hannam The Hill is one of the most expensive apartment villas in Seoul currently. Famed for its high level security, luxurious amenities, and gorgeous view of the city, it’s no wonder high profile people are snatching up the property there.

BTS moved into the place earlier this year and has made it their new dorm. BTS Jin also bought a smaller apartment within Hannam The Hill which costs 2 billion won (RM7,464,632) in March.

The most surprising part, according to local realtors, is that Jin actually paid for it in cash instead of taking out a loan!

According to Koreaboo, the realtor told the press,

“BTS has gotten more successful ever since moving to their new dorm.

“Jin bought a smaller apartment in the same building not just because of its investment potential, but also because he feels that the apartment provides safety and privacy.”

Though he has his own house now, Jin will still be staying within the dorm and it’s unclear yet what does he plan on doing with that unit.

However, BTS’ neighbours are truly happy to have them move in. Though the boys are practically the most famous celebrities currently, they’re absolutely humble.

Residents of Hannam The Hill noted that they always greet with bright smiles and have friendly chats with everyone.


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