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Adik, Nenek and Kakak Never Out of Reach with Unifi’s #khabarbaik Plans Suitable For All

Unifi is entering 2019 with positive vibes and optimism for its users and potential customers with the launch of their #khabarbaik movement.

The movement also introduces amazing data plans fit for users of all ages. The launch was held on a beautiful Wednesday 30th January 2019, evening at the Glasshouse at Seputeh.

The premier Convergence brand under Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) shared its plan for 2019 through its #khabarbaik movement which aims to bring good news to all Malaysians and seeks to spread positivity all around.

Unifi’s Acting Executive Vice President, Moharmustaqeem Mohammed said,

“As we kick start the year 2019, this has been a very exciting juncture for unifi. Even as we continue to evolve as an organisation, our commitment has and will always be to enable digital adoption and a converged lifestyle for all – across all backgrounds and income groups.”

“We have contributed a great lot to the country’s digital development and we think that is worth celebrating. In the meantime, we will continue to work hard to address customer pain points. We will keep listening and then, come back to market with more #khabarbaik.”

“That is why the #khabarbaik movement is our way forward to serve Malaysia through our product offerings and design a better customer experience”

The brand new unifi Mobile postpaid lineup is suitable for all users by offering plans such as ‘Adik’ Mobile 19, ‘Atuk’ or ‘Nenek’ Mobile 29, ‘Kakak’ Mobile 39, all plans are tailored with the right amount of data usage and talk time minutes that are not too much or too little for the respected users.  

The plans start from as low as RM19 and is affordable for everyone. There are no more reasons to be offline and you can stay connected as long as you want with good services by the employees of unifi who wish to embrace the #khabarbaik attitude to all Malaysians.

Unifi will also continue to work hard to address customer pain points and listen to their customer’s concerns in order to provide a better service for their customers.

The launch was also joined by Rapper Caprice, Singer Atilia Haron and hosted by Kavin Jay.

The full range of unifi Mobile offerings are available for purchase on unifi’s website at

May unifi continue to serve better and with excellence!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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