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Estranged and unifi Team Up to Showcase Brand New Pre-5G Wireless Technology

Living up to its promise to deliver more #khabarbaik, unifi revealed that a pre-5G wireless technology has been in the works.

This is the nation’s first pre-5G via Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology and it is part of unifi’s journey towards powering the nation with 5G.

The project, which started in Q4 last year, has already entered its commercial phase at SetiaWalk Puchong which consists of residential blocks, mall and offices. The telecommunications company started with Setiawalk specifically because of its unique infrastructure.

At the event, unifi demonstrated the capabilities of its pre-5G technology via capturing the exciting moments of the local alternative rock band, Estranged – on their daily digital activities using unifi’s wireless home broadband service.

Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, Acting Executive Vice President, unifi, said,

“With just some enhancements to the technology, we are now ready to commercially power the nation with 5G via unifi.

“We see this as a huge step for Malaysia’s telecommunications industry and we look forward to working together with our peers to develop the best technology that can be deployed in every part of the country, be it urban cities, high density residential areas, and rural villages.”

Aside from home customers, unifi pre-5G technology will also improve the unifi Mobile experience. Users can seamlessly enjoy their favourite content on unifi Play TV and beyond, endless choice of entertainment, whether they are at home or on-the-move.

Moharmustaqeem further commented,

“We are committed to continue transforming the digital way of life and make internet connectivity a ubiquitous part of the Malaysian lifestyle.

“On one hand, we wish to increase our reach across the nation so that every Malaysian can adopt a digital lifestyle and stay connected seamlessly.

“On the other, we are able to provide the best available fit-for-purpose technology that not only improves the experience for our existing customers, but also expands the digital adoption towards making Malaysia a digital nation.”

As Malaysia’s convergence champion, unifi hopes to push forward with its pre-5G technology and bring faster and more affordable internet access to the nation.

Because of its portability, it is most suited for customers who are always on-the-go. Because a wired network allows for limited area of connectivity, customers such as students, renters, travellers, etc., would opt for broadband.

unifi plans on slowly but surely spreading this new age way of connectivity throughout the entire nation. Based on where demand is highest, the company plans on starting from there onward.

Stay tuned for more updates on what’s next on 5G from unifi.

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