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Of Public Transportation, Car Sharing Application, and Fashion

Car sharing startup SOCAR and Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana), operator of urban rail and bus services in Greater Klang Valley under the service brand of Rapid KL, have announced a unique partnership to add surprising and fun elements to public transport.

The #MultiflexFriday campaign that aims to bring a party to your everyday commute kickstarted today at Kelana Jaya LRT station.

The event agenda involved a one-of-kind fashion experience on the train as campaign partner Pestle and Mortar Clothing revealed their latest Fall/Winter 2018 Collection with a post event showcase at Lot10, Bukit Bintang in collaboration with Touch n’ Go Digital (TNGD).

#MultiflexFriday will run throughout the year with programmes including live music, dance and even stand up comedy planned on trains and other modes of public transport at intervals to surprise commuters with light-hearted entertainment throughout their journey.

As part of this launch announcement, SOCAR will be offering a first of its kind first/last mile solution by providing a one-way car-sharing service to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Bringing The Fun Into Public Transport Over the past few years, the city of Kuala Lumpur has seen a rapid growth in infrastructure and development of public transport with new routes underway throughout the Klang Valley.

While constantly enhancing connectivity and mobility, Prasarana is now focusing on making the entire experience memorable and fun for commuters.

Lim Jin Aun, Head of Group Communications and Strategic Marketing, Prasarana, said,

“With SOCAR sharing a similar vision, we are excited to work alongside the dynamic car sharing start-up and unfold more surprises for commuters that would make their journey memorable and incline them to use public transportation facilities more often.”

Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR and forerunner of the multiflex movement, added,

“Although we’ve seen an increased usage of public transport in recent times, many Malaysians still prefer to go with the expensive option of car ownership rather than embrace the multiflex trend of ditching your personal car keys.

“It has never been easier to be a multiflexer now with the rise of e-hailing and car-sharing. SOCAR is proud to work closely with its partners such as Prasarana, TNG Digital and Pestle and Mortar Clothing to remind the public that multiflexing can be fun, affordable and seamless.”

Bringing an unexpected element of surprise and amusement to trains and metro buses, #MultiflexFriday hopes to encourage commuters to ditch their cars and to give the multiflex way of transport a shot.

Moving forward, commuters can expect right about anything from buskers to stand up comedians and from artists to musicians to jump onboard and entertain them as they make their way to their next destination.

Leon also said,

“With this campaign alongside Prasarana, we want to encourage our millennials to embrace the multiflex lifestyle and to enjoy the many benefits it offers. Being part of the multiflex movement actually brings you one step closer to freedom from worries including parking, car loans and rising prices of petrol.”

Coined by SOCAR, the multiflex movement enables commuters to have the flexibility of using multiple modes of transport to get to their destination be it a combination of public transport, e-hailing or car sharing.

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