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McDonald’s Celebrates Chinese New Year by Visiting Over 60 Old Folk’s Home

McDonald’s Malaysia showcases the True Meaning of Prosperity by visiting more than 60 old folks’ home around Malaysia to mark this year’s Chinese New Year celebration.

This is the third year that McDonald’s is embarking on this initiative, which aims to bring cheer to residents of homes while bringing Malaysians together through joy & laughter.

Azmir Jaafar, Managing Director and Local Operating Partner of McDonald’s Malaysia, said,

“McDonald’s believes that ‘Prosperity’ does not necessarily equate to material wealth alone.

“It also means embracing the simple joys of spending time with friends and family, as well as carrying out acts of kindness for others.

“We hope that our effort here will help to fill the homes with warmth and joy while spreading the festive spirit especially since Chinese New Year is just around the corner.” 

The first visit started a few days ago on 21 January and will continue on until 20 February 2019.

During these visits, McDonald’s employees representing more than 270 McDonald’s restaurants together with volunteers from the public will spend a joyous time with the residents of various homes across the nation and bring cheer to them through light entertainment activities.

McDonald’s employees and volunteers from the public will also be participating in the cultural Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang with residents of the homes.

McDonald’s will also sponsor the residents’ a hair trim as they usher in the lunar new year.

Visits to these old folks’ homes is in line with McDonald’s ‘Prosperity’ values and reaffirms the company’s commitment in giving back to the communities it operates in.

McDonald’s is calling for the public to be part of this act of kindness. Members of the public who are interested to participate can register at

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