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6 Absolutely True Signs That Merdeka is Near

Independence day is always a joyous day in any country around the world but here in our beloved home country Malaysia the people tend to take it to the next level and we’re not mad about them at all. In fact, we’re more than proud.

1. Negaraku being played in cinemas

In the past few years, it has somehow become a tradition for the Negaraku to be played in cinemas before the start of a movie.

Perhaps it was a sign of patriotism from the cinemas but the national anthem has definitely got us on our feet and singing along up until the end in the dark.



Suddenly, every other lamp post has the Malaysian flag on it. You see them in housing areas, in the restaurants, on television…social media also kena flooded!

Are we mad about it though? Not at all.


3. Cars covered with Jalur Gemilang

These are the super patriotic Malaysians that COVER and we mean, COVER, their car in the Jalur Gemilang. On the hood, on the door, flags stuck on top and the boot too.


4. Motosikal also covered with Jalur Gemilang

Same as the cars but motorcyclists take it to the next level with HUGE flags on the back of their bikes.



5. When any Merdeka song comes on, everybody becomes super patriotic

We’re all for Negaraku but man, in August a patriotic song is a much bigger hit than anything in the clubs.


6. The traditional baju comes out

If you’ve ever been in Malaysia during any cultural festival, one of the biggest joys we’ve constantly had was wearing each others’ traditional outfits and feeling more united than ever.


When all is said and done, we’re proud to be Malaysian and this year we’re celebrating 61 years of independence!

The country is going through a whole bunch of changes and we as citizens have the responsibility of making it the best.

Written by Loke J-Han

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