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8 Amazing Records Which Tun Mahathir has Broken and Maintained

Tun Mahathir is man which every Malaysian would know about. Before becoming the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, he has done many wonders for the country which are ingrained into the history of our country.

Check out some of the many records which he has broken and maintained:

1. First Malaysian Prime Minister to serve non-consecutive terms

He served as the 4th Prime Minister between July 16th, 1981 and October 31st, 2003. In between, two Prime Ministers took office until he came back as the 7th on May 10th, 2018.


2. Longest serving Prime Minister in the world

Serving the country for 22 consecutive years is a feat which no other Prime Minister in the world has ever done. Now, he gets to continue setting this record too!


3. The only Malaysian to lead two different political parties and win

He led UMNO during his term as the 4th Prime Minister but returned to the hot seat by leading the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan.


4. The first Prime Minister with the ‘Tun’ title

The ‘Tun’ title is awarded to people whom have contributed a lot to the nation. It is the most senior federal title which are usually awarded to former Prime Ministers.

After ending his term as the 4th Prime Minister in 2003, he was named  Grand Commander of the Order of the Defender of the Realm which allowed him to adopt the ‘Tun’ title.


5. Envisioned the tallest twin buildings in the world – Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world between 1998 and 2004.

Probably foreseeing the fact that other places might erect much taller buildings, the choice of making this national pride into twin buildings allowed for the Petronas Twin Towers to remain the tallest twin buildings up until today.


6. Founded two political parties and won

In 1946, UMNO was segregated into the Old UMNO and New UMNO which the latter was founded by Tun Mahatir in 1987.

Then, in September 2015, Pakatan Harapan was born.


7. Became the Prime Minister as leader of three different political parties

He was the Prime Minister of the Old UMNO, New UMNO and now Pakatan Harapan.


8. The oldest Prime Minister and Leader of a Country in the World

When he was appointed the 7th Prime Minister, he was 92-years-old, making him the oldest prime minister and leader of a country to come to power.


Today, he turns 93-years-old and continues to break this amazing record.

Happy birthday, Tun Mahathir!

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