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A Food Delivery Company’s Waste Was Found Dumped In Gombak and It Is Truly Shocking!

A food delivery company has found itself in another controversy. After the amok of them not paying their staffs accordingly, this time they’re under the dirt for a viral video that was posted by a Facebook user Andy Hickson.

In his post, it can be clearly seen that a heap of rubbish was strewn across Malaysian forest in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.

▲ Angered by what he had witnessed, he took to his Facebook and uploaded the clip with a statement saying “The jungle is not a dumping ground you ignorant ar*%holes”.

His post immediately became a heated topic in the platform! Within less than 24 hours, many other users were petrified and left appalled by the horrendous scene of plastic containers, bags and many, many pink-emblazoned delivery boxes.

In the comment section, Hickson revealed that the discovery was made in Gombak, near the Orang Asli Hospital when he was having a casual Sunday jungle trek.

Many applauded his effort in exposing the illegal act while others have given up on humanity altogether, saying “where there are people, there is trash”.

As of now, there has been no response from the food delivery company regarding the issue.

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