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Someone Out There Literally Made A Boba Milk Tea Lotion And We Are Confused

Looks like the boba craze isn’t dead yet!

If you thought that the boba life has ended in 2019, you’ve thought wrong! Not only boba shops are starting to slow down—with people no longer have to wait 30 minutes for just a cup of sugar bomb—the drink has also become redundant as so many boba shops are opening and they are almost the same!

Okay sure, you can argue that some taste better than others but the reduction of queuing time proves that boba is more likely a ‘viral’ thing rather than a favourite. Now, people are finding more ways to attract people in consuming boba and a Thailand company figured consuming boba through the skin is a good idea.

▲ The whole product, including the packaging, is inspired by the drink.

Nope, not through injections! But through lotions! Yes, a Thailand company came up with a Boba Milk Tea Lotion to satisfy your boba cravings without risking your blood sugar level.

Apparently, this Boba Milk Tea Lotion inspired by the Boba Milk Tea itself is described to have a unique milk tea scent and promises to fragrant the skin while leaving body feeling smooth. So smooth that you would want to bite!

▲ The Boba Milk Tea Lotion is sold online in Thailand.

We’re not entirely sure why Boba Milk Tea Lotion is needed but black tea—an ingredient to make Boba Milk Tea—is actually a superb antioxidants in skincare. Maybe if the product contains black tea in it, it probably will improve the skin’s elasticity while leaving you smell like a walking Boba Milk Tea.

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