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Cavities; Why Do We Have Them? And How Do We Fight Them?


“Don’t eat too much sugar!”, “Brush your teeth twice a day!”, “Floss, floss and floss”

You must have heard one of these phrases at least once in your entire life, right? Even though they are actually practical advice to a healthy oral care, what is the root cause of cavity and how do we keep this infection away from an early stage?

A study by the Health Ministry found that 70% of children encountered dental caries.

In conjunction of World Cavity-Free Future Day 2019 (WCFFD 2019), Colgate and The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) have joined forces to launch an infographic that is envisioned to raise awareness of dental caries and cavities in Malaysia.

▲ Shockingly in Malaysia, children aged 5 and below have an average of eight cavities-inflicted milk teeth.

This statistics show that more oral health awareness need to be done; in terms of prevention and treatment.

The main part of an effective oral health regime is what we put in our mouth; the toothbrush we use and the toothpaste we use!

▲ Three ingredients that you might want to check on the label of your toothpaste afterwards are; arginine, fluoride and calcium.

Not only that, individuals must also commit to proper oral health maintenance. Recommended routine to remain cavity-free includes brushing teeth for two minutes, flossing, using mouthwash twice a day, replacing toothbrush every three months and regular dentist visits.

Colgate and ACFF celebrated WCFFD 2019 with a vision “Brighter Future with Zero Cavities’ on October 17th 2019! The celebration was participated by 3,245 SJK (C) Yak Chee, Puchong students, entitling the event as ‘Largest Participation in a Tooth-Brushing Event (Primary Students)’ in Malaysia Book or Records.

For further information to a healthier dental, please visit Colgate’s official Facebook page.

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