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Disney Princesses Spotted Dancing to Twice and It’s Super Cute!

Who would have thought we would see a real-life Disney princess with our own eyes?! Not only that, there were exactly 11 different Disney Princesses spotted dancing in Perth! Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself!

Actually, these princesses are members from a Perth-based dance crew known as Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew  (KCDC). This video of them which was uploaded 3 weeks ago, went viral with 235k views when K-fans and non-K-fans all around the globe were both fascinated by the cuteness of the entire video. The video features 11 ladies cosplaying as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Mulan (Mulan), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled), Jasmine (Aladdin), Cinderella (Cinderella), Anna (Frozen), Elsa (Frozen), Snow White (Snow White) and Tiana (The Princess and the Frog). Now, that is every Disney fan’s dream!

KCDC are known for doing creative and out-of-the-box dance covers, unlike what we usually see. KCDC themselves are not foreign, in fact very well-versed when it comes to dance covers; proven by the number of subscribers garnered in their YouTube channel, which has a total of almost 100k from fans all over the world.

KCDC are often spotted performing dance cover performances in their local events in Perth such as K-holic, Spring Fest, Pasar Malam, Battlegrounds, A-Team and even Perth’s Japan Festival! Not only that, they also do Kpop in Public Challenges where they would film their dance cover in public places in just a single take! No editing! Okay now that’s what we call CONFIDENCE! We could say that they have exhibit their exploding talents and spread the well-known K-Wave amongst Perthies.

Not only Twice, the sub unit of the crew that dances in cosplays have also danced to BTS’s Dope while donning cosplays from a popular action-packed anime Attack on Titan! This is not only exciting, it is both refreshing and creative! Who would have thought to combine two interests of two different cultures and combine them into one fantastic performance!

KCDC is active in the dance cover scene and if you are interested in seeing more of their cosplay goodness, subscribe to their YouTube channel. You’re welcome in advance!

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