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Famous Malaysian YouTuber Jared Lee Diagnosed With Cancer

Jared Lee, who is the founder of YouTube page and media company called Grim Film, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer!

On March 22nd, Jared posted a video under Grim Film’s official Facebook page which announced that he has cancer and he will keep fans updated throughout his journey of healing. 

Through the black and white video, Jared can be seen with his wife, Marianne Tan, sitting beside him while he explained how he found out about the cancer. He also shared his journey thus far such as going through the tormenting wait for the biopsy results.

Image via YouTube

According to the video, he found out the symptoms a day before he was officially diagnosed with testicular cancer. He noticed that both his testicles were different in size.

Then, he went to meet with his doctor friend where the friend recommended him to see a doctor immediately because the abnormal size might be a sign of cancer. And so, on February 28th, after they consulted the doctor, he told Jared that there’s no good news as it is a 99% chance to be cancer. 

Image via YouTube

Furthermore, he also talked about the danger and symptoms of testicle cancer because this illness could hit any man between the age of 20 and 45 years old.

For all men during in this age period, remember to check for any lumps or abnormal sizes on your testicles, if there are any pain or they are abnormal in size. If yes, it’s time to check with your doctor immediately! 

Obviously, cancer is no joke. It is a dangerous illness which can easily take our lives away even before we know it. So, it’s important to take care of our body as we only have one. Regular self-checks are important and are small steps in spotting out major issues.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or even ashamed about possibly having an illness in our nether-regions. As soon as we spot something out of the norm, we should visit our doctors ASAP!

Jared, we hope for the best for you, be positive and it will definitely brings good luck too!

For more information on cancer symptoms and how you can prevent it, do check out the Cancer Research Malaysia’s Favebook page or their official website. #preventionisbetterthancure

For those who have not check out Jared’s video, do watch it at below:


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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