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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sultan Kelantan And Russian Beauty Queen Divorce Drama

Sultan Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V and the infamous beauty queen, Oksana Voevodina has reportedly ended their one year courtship with a DIVORCE. We ain’t kidding, folks.

Sources and reports claimed that the divorced was finalised on July 1 and there was a proof of a copy divorce certificate circulating online that got everyone like..



The royal couple initially got married on June 7 last year and held their grand reception this year at a grand stunning hall in Russia. 

The marriage has become  the talk of the town when the pictures and video of the royal reception swirling all over the internet. People event went ooohs and aaahs because there was this one shot where they were spotted sharing sweet kiss. 

Their wedding reception literally spelled fairytale comes true..



Reports and sources  also claimed that the certificate is real, the certificate stated the couple decided to end their marriage with “talak tiga”divorce.  And this divorce is not the usual one, it’s the most severe one in Islam. Literally, you cannot get back or remarry again.

Oksana’s father however denied the divorce allegations, saying that it was nonsense and if it was true, he would be the first to know..hmm..



Kelantan palace has yet to release any official statement pertaining to the divorce but they did release an official statement that no one should be referred as “Queen of Consort” without an official announcement from the palace.

Previously, Oksana publicly shared their love story on Instagram, her last post has garnered many attention because it was posted just a week before the divorce news came out. 

The couple has a newborn son named Tengku Ismail Leon Petra.

So now, we really aren’t quite sure of anything. 

Maybe we should just mind our own business after all.. it’s just TOO MUCH DRAMA!


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