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Malaysian “Phoenix” Proves Hijabis Can Kick Ass Too!

Just like the famous saying by Cady Heron, “the limit does not exist!”


The world of Internet was shook to the grounds when the news of a hijabi sister from Malaysia went viral on Twitter! Not only she is the pride of Malaysia, she is also the first and allegedly the ONLY female pro wrestler that dons a hijab within the ring! WIG! I know, right! Sis be represent!


Little Nor Diana or known as her persona “Phoenix” when gloves are on, is only 19 years old and already active in wrestling since she was 16! From what seemed to be a mere past time with her brother, playing video games has sparked her interest and passion into becoming a pro wrestler.

Since then, she had been taking classes and after only 2 months of training with Ayez Shaukat Fonseka (a pro wrestling pioneer in Malaysian scene) within Persatuan Gusti Malaysia (Malaysia Pro Wrestling), she made her professional debut match when the arena needed an urgent wrestler replacement.

Unlike other female wrestlers, Phoenix initially was a shocker for the audience! Instead of dressing typically revealing, this lady endorsed a fully covered outfit and a mask completely adorned with red blazing flames all over (because Phoenix, duhh). Because she was different, everyone LOVES her for it and started to receive buzzes from people especially intrigued fans.

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It was only last year that she took her mask off and show her true self, revealing she was a hijabi all along. And that sis, instantly received major attention from the audience.

My family, even my fellow wrestlers, were shocked at my persona in the ring.

You see, I am usually a quiet person. I’m not that outgoing or outspoken. But I love wrestling.

⁠— Nor ‘Phoenix’ Diana via The Sun Daily

Once again, women show that they are no longer the weaker gender! In a sport that is dominantly involved by men, Nor Diana proves that GIRLS DO RUN THE WORLD!

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