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McDonald’s Making A Throwback To The 90’s, Bringing Back Iconic Toys In Its Happy Meals

For 40 years, Happy Meal has always been a symbol of happiness and joy around the world. No matter how old you are, there’s always a soft spot in your heart for Happy Meal.

Thinking back all the excitements you got when your parents finally agreed to say yes to a nice box of Happy Meal once in a blue moon, the toys have always been the gem of the meal.

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And in celebration for Happy Meal’s 40th year, McDonald’s Malaysia is launching a limited edition Surprise Happy Meal featuring some of the most popular and iconic Happy Meal toys.

▲ Surprise Happy Meal starts serving on the 28th November.

This throwback isn’t just for the kids, instead its a nostalgic memory lane for the adults whose lived their childhood in the 90’s. 

Since it was first introduced as a Circus Wagon Happy Meal in June 1979 in the United States, Happy Meal has expanded and brought surprise, joy and playfulness to more than 38,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the globe!

The limited edition Surprise Happy Meal will contain one of its  limited edition toys with the likes of Cowboy McNugget (1988), McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird (1993), Tamagotchi (1998), Furby (1999), Hello Kitty (2013) and many more!

▲ All 14 iconic Happy Meal toys will be limited and only available while stock lasts.

So what are you waiting for? Drive yourself to McDonald’s now and grab yourself all 14 limited edition Happy Meal classic toys.

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