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Neelofa Launches UK-Based Premium Merchandise with ‘LofaBrand’

Neelofa sets to put up a premium merchandise collection exclusively made from the United Kingdom.

Entrepreneur, announcer and actress Neelofa is introducing her premium merchandise collection under the brand ‘LofaBrand‘.

Neelofa expressed the idea behind the merchandise started way back in 2017. The collection that is currently consisting of apparels and accessories are hoped to prove everyone that anything can happen if there’s effort.

“LofaBrand is very dear to me because I want whoever wears it gets inspired with my career journey in business. Not only that, I also want this brand to portray my adrenaline all this while within the business world to the wearers.

“However, this collection has no connection Naelofar Hijab which entirely focuses on producing the only hijabs and modest wears”.

— Neelofa.

According to the businesswoman behind LofaBrand, Neelofa expressed that the brand is very special as each items are made in London, England. Taking her three years, Neelofa wanted to realize her dream in finding a manufacturer outside of Malaysia and her trip to London last year had found her the best manufacturer to kick start the brand.

According to Neelofa, every merchandise is manufactured and shipped straight from London. No stocks are kept in Malaysia and all orders are done online.

“I had given a long thought before deciding to put the name Lofa as a brand. I wondered if this brand would last long? But, I had to trust my gut feelings and believe in myself to make this brand become big”

— Neelofa.

The premium merchandise revealed is just the tip of the iceberg for LofaBrand. Many more exclusive collections await and will be announced in the near future.

The premium LofaBrand merchandises can be ordered through its official website at

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