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RM100,000 Could Be Fined If Caught Hawking Along The Traffic Lights, But This Shows How Bad Our Economy Is

Maybe it’s time for us to think of other alternatives in conserving our economy.

According to The Vocket, hawkers in Terengganu that are seen to be selling items across the traffic lights can be fined with RM100,000 or be put in bars. The reporter had further explained how this law might be taken effectively in the nearest future in his writings.

To spread the news to a wider audience of readers, they also posted the article in their social media—Twitter to be exact.

And owing to the fast-paced nature of the blue-bird social media, the headlines immediately took its fair round across the Internet and got people involved in a quite heated discussion; about our nation’s economy.

It all started with this tweet by @fewwuh.

In the tweet, it can be clearly seen that Malaysia’s minimum wage is actually lesser than enough. With everything costs a lot more compared to previous years, it is indeed a very tough challenge for one to barely live in this day of era and age.

And in this tweet thread, there are more people discussing over this issue.

So what do you think?

The law about restricting hawking across the roads might actually be relevant as it involved road safety, but doesn’t this actually show how desperate these youths are trying to make a living just to put bread on their table?

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