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Sex Club Opens in Shanghai and Women are Loving It!

For all women out there, would you go to a women-only event that gives attendees a place to comfortably explore your sexuality? 

On International Women’s Day, Shanghai saw this day celebrated in a most extreme way; Skirt Club, a sex club just for women held an inaugural Asian event to celebrate women’s empowerment.

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According to NextShark, Skirt Club revealed that the local women of Shanghai are open minded towards sex.

Genevieve LeJeune, the founder of the bisexual and bi-curious sex community, commented on the open-mindedness of local women as compared to other countries like Hong Kong:

“Hong Kong tries its hardest to be safe; I don’t believe it’s a place where sex is on the agenda, whereas Shanghai has that grit, an underbelly; it’s got an edge to it,”

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LeJeune was born and raised in Hong Kong and because she grew up in a traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong, sex is not a usual topic that everyone would bring in the country. 

But after she widened Skirt Club to other places such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Vienna, Sydney, and now Shanghai, she was surprised by the open-mindedness and positive responses from the local women in Shanghai.

“Women openly talk about their sex lives with me on WeChat. They just want to talk to somebody and understand that the way they’re feeling is normal.

“Women are often discouraged from talking openly, so it’s a relief for them to find a group of people who have similar feelings. I’m giving women an outlet to be open and not to feel ashamed.”

For the event, it was a party that included a theme which talks about the event’s decor, topics for discussion, activities and dress code for the guests.

There were different themes such as shibari (rope bondage), chocolate making, and burlesque dancing. Wow!

Interested? For anyone who wishes to join, individuals must be at least 18-years-old and approved by the club through an online registration. Then, participants need to comply to “club etiquette” which includes a ban on filming, photography, and MEN.

LeJeune also explained that Skirt Club’s growing membership of 10,000 members were mostly cisgender women who has a male partner and is a high-flyer in her career, and this event is not totally about sex too!

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Hence, for all women out there, if you need a place there there are no men and no pressure, this will be the perfect place for you! 😉

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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