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This Pizza Box From Malaysia Proves that Graphic Designers Aren’t Just About Placing Different Pictures Together

Once again, Twitter proves that it is more than just a social media, in fact a worldwide educational platform.

It was on August 3rd when user @salihin_exe took to his Twitter to tweet something that 90% of Malaysians may have not known about Pizza Hut Malaysia‘s secret to their pizza boxes.

The tweet that translates as “Hi, I want to share something about Pizza Hut’s crazy packaging, you guys should try it. @pizzahut please sponsor me” was attached along with a video that showed the amazing creativity behind the pizza box.

Even though it is obviously displayed on the box, many other Malaysian users were amazed to find this secret trick! Apparently it isn’t as obvious. 

One Twitter user by the username @rockingpots_ brought upon the amazing capabilities of what graphic designers can do. It’s so typical of Malaysians to think graphic designers as people who combine pictures together to produce another picture, but this shows that graphic designers are actually people of great artistry and innovation!

However since it’s Twitter, there’d always be hilarious response! And one of our favourites is this!

(translation: I wanted to try too but…….)

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