The Malaysian hip-hop sensation, Zamaera announced her first EP, ‘Z’ today at TGV 1 Utama. ‘Z vs Z’, ‘Truth’, ‘KMS’ and ‘Almost’ are the four full length songs in her EP that displays her growth as an artist.

The nationwide debut of ‘Z’ will be on the 29th of March with pre-orders beginning earlier on March 15th.

Zamaera also revealed her plans for a nationwide tour in LFx at selected TGV Cinemas across four states between the months of April and May 2019, the chosen states are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bharu and Miri.

The tour will be the first ever tour in the world that uses a brand-new format called the Lakefront Xperience (LFx) which was led by the 15-years-experienced Bryan Tan of Lakefront Records.

Zamaera told xtra,

“Because this tour is the first of its kind, I am going keep it consistent so that everybody shares the same experience.

“It’s definitely a different format so it’s going to be very different from my previous shows. I also want everyone to get and feel the same emotion too.”

Along with the EP, Zamaera also showcased an exclusive documentary dubbed ‘The Chicago Sessions’ which takes the viewers along the singer’s journey throughout the recording process of ‘Z’.

‘Z’ is filled with emotion, revelations and vulnerability. Making people feel good and happy is what Zamaera wishes to do and this beauty is truly generous in sharing the love for others through her music.

“’Z’ has been a reflection of my personal and musical growth.

“From the time spent working on the music, to the constant practice of ‘making things better’ such as my live performance.

“Just like this live EP performance in LFx, we want to create immersive experiences for the listeners.

“Above all else, I could not have possibly done this without the contribution of my amazing team who turned this EP into a reality.”

Working out for almost six times a week is among Zamaera’s preparation for her upcoming nationwide tour which will test her physicality as it will be longer hours of performing compared the shows she has done before.

And to keep her calm and composed before her shows she enjoys listening to classical music such as Beethoven and Claire de lune.

Congratulations on the first EP and we wish Zamaera all the best in her upcoming tour.

She is definitely a hidden gem that is making Malaysia very proud!

Written by Fatin Zafirah