Pretty sure when you’ve clicked on this article, you must have a slight (or big) curiosity about braces. Whether you are interested on getting them yourself or just intrigued to learn new knowledge, then you’ve definitely covered!

We are no near to experts but the info that we’ve gathered pretty much can give you a general idea about the mysteries of braces.

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So, what are braces?

Braces are the metal thingy inside of your mouth that are a pain the bum especially when eating.

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Okay, jokes aside, braces are actually a device or an aid that is used in improving dental health. Scientifically, braces are device used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth to help position them with regard to a person’s bite.

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It means anyone with uneven teeth can wear them?

In simpler words, any individual who has concerns with teeth unevenness can seek for braces aids. This however does not mean that you can diagnose this yourself!

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Whether you have to opt or braces or not must come from the decision and consultation of experts. Even though you think your teeth are already extremely unaligned, there are actually 10 stages to dental conditions.

Grade 1 to 4: No treatment to minimal treatment needed.

Grade 5 to 7: Average

Grade 8 to 10: Might need to seek professional consultation.

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How long should a person bound to braces?

According to Dr. Razdolsky — a dentistry specialist based in USA, there are actually several factors that affects the longevity period in wearing braces.

Type of treatment

This concerns on the different types of braces you’re prescribed to. FYI, there’s actually a variation to the types of braces you’ll prescribed to, for example like metal braces, ceramic braces and clear braces. Each of them have varying periods in improving the dental health.

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Your age

This is not age-shaming but scientifically proven younger patients are prone to faster healing rate. This is due to the fact that their jaws are still in the process of growing, hence making their teeth to be evened out much easier. Adults on the other hand, might need a bit more time to get the same result.

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The degree of your dental health.

Another factor that plays a major role in determining the longevity period of wearing braces is “how bad your teeth are”. If the patient is diagnosed with chronic spacing or crowding, the patient might be bound with braces longer.

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On average, a braces wearer might need one to three years, that is according to each individual. Once it’s removed, patient still need to wear retainer at least six months during slumber to retain the teeth’s alignment.