A perfectly fit and matching pointe shoes is the backbone of any ballet dancers. With the right pointe shoes, a ballerina and ballerino can tell a tale beautifully through bodily movements and gestures a message flawlessly.

To have such faultless shoes, the footwear must be a close match to the tone of the skin, in order to portray lean and heavenly figure throughout the performance.

And today, a history is made when a black ballerina has finally received her first pair of brown ballet shoes after almost a decade of having to paint her shoes so they would match her skin tone.

Ingrid Silva — an Afro-Brazilian ballerina, a dancer from Dance Theatre Harlem in New York City on November had shared on Twitter photo of her first pair of brown ballet shoes fashioned of UK firm Freed of London.

Despite being a top dancer, Silva never had had a proper ballet shoes that are the same colour as her skin, and had to spend 11 years painting her pale white shoes.

A clip of her showing her joy over the footwear has already garnered over 100,000 likes, and a picture of the brown shoes has received over 104,000 likes.

Images taken from: dailymail.co.uk