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5 South Korean Drama Female Characters Who are Stronger Than the Male Leads

For the longest of time, it is typical for movies and TV shows to depict women as weaklings…or at least they are never as strong as men at all.

In the end, the girl must always depend on the guy to save her from troubles.

Now, with equality coming into play, pop culture has shifted into that of women empowerment and these few Korean dramas are proof of it.

Here are five female characters who are actually stronger than the male characters, and by stronger we don’t mean just physically.

1. Do Bong Soon

Being born with superhuman strength, it is obvious that Bong Soon is much stronger than In Guk Doo, the police officer whom she has a crush on, and Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company whom she is a bodyguard for.

No matter how adorable and delicate she looks, she never really faltered when it comes to using her ability to protect others.

Follow Strong Girl, Bong Soon in her journey through tonton.


2. Baek Joon

Being naturally intelligent, super hardworking and extremely kindhearted, Joon from Revolutionary Love is definitely better than her make counterparts.

Byun Hyuk is a nice guy but due to how sheltered he was, he truly doesn’t know much about the real world. Meanwhile, Kwon Jae Hoon is highly intelligent but very uptight about various matters which holds him back from achieving what he really wants.


3. Jeon Do Yeon

Many women tend to quit their jobs after getting married and having kids even though that’s not always what they want. Do Yeon from The Good Wife was a pretty good attorney prior to quitting her job to settle down.

However, her husband, Yoo Ti Jae suddenly gets arrested for corruption in a political scandal. This forces her to come out of retirement and resume her career after a 15-year hiatus.



4. Cha Soo Hyun

Signal‘s Soo Hyun may seem like the typical uptight cop who is too obsessed with the law in the beginning. However, as the story unfolds, she’s actually much more intelligent and insightful than she would usually let on.

Equipped with the skills of an inspector and intuition of a sharp woman, Soo Hyun definitely knows how to go about the police force better than Park Hae Young.


5. Sung Duk Seon

Duk Seon isn’t the smartest person. She ranks 999th out of her entire school and she comes from a pretty poor background as well due to her father’s debts.

She is constantly bullied by her elder sister who seems to really hate her too. However, Duk Seon remains kind and cheerful throughout all the downs she faces anyways.

She never gives up regardless which proves that she’s got perseverance – more so than her four male friends who are also the main characters in Reply 1988; Kim Jung Hwan, Sung Sun Woo, Choi Taek, and Ryu Dong Ryong.


Who says women aren’t strong? They can be stronger than the guys too and these five ladies are proof of it. Follow the dramas on tonton today.

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