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E! News Reveals The 4 Simple Steps to Mira Filzah’s Gorgeous Skin

Taking care of our skin is essential to not only looking good but overall hygiene. A clean and clear face naturally shines beautifully, so it’s important we do the correct steps.

Truly, there aren’t any particularly complicated steps to ensuring we have a glowing complexion. According to the Pujaan Hati Kanda actress, Mira Filzah, we just need to follow these 4 steps:

1. Cleanse our faces with Micellar Water

One of the most important steps to ensuring our face is clean of any dirt, bad bacteria and also gunk build up within our pores is to cleanse our faces properly.

Unfortunately, a lot of us take this step a little bit too lightly, especially when we’ve make up on. Using Micellar Water is the most un-harsh type of cleanser to remove make up and impurities.

Simply pour enough water onto a cotton pad to make it wet and rub your face in an upward motion.


2. Remember to scrub!

Another step which a lot of us forget to put into our routine is scrubbing.

Though cleansing does help get rid of most of the bad stuff off our faces, we need to regularly scrub as well to get rid of dead skin cells which a build up of can lead to excess oil and clogged pores.

Depending on your skin type, you should scrub your face a minimum of once a week up to a maximum of twice a week. Opt for scrubs which are gentler as rough ones could damage your skin.

Note: If you have any acne, avoid scrubbing in that area!


3. Don’t be stingy when it comes to moisturising

Many people don’t realise that using adequate moisturiser is key to keeping our skin soft and supple. Typically, many people are uncomfortable with the feeling of having a layer of cream on our faces – and the rest of the body too.

Hence, you might apply a thin layer and let it be, however, you actually need to use a bit more than that.

If the texture of your moisturiser is what’s making you hate applying it, then you need to find a different type which suits you. There are creams, gels, butters, etc.

You just need to find the right one.


4. Using face mask is important too

It is advised that we use the common types of face masks a maximum of 3 times a week. However, there are more and more products these days which are suitable for daily use.

If you don’t have it already, go out and get one, and apply your face mask every single day!


Make sure you use the products most suitable for your skin too. Using the wrong types of products could lead to more breakouts or drier skin.

The above steps are also for normal, oily, dry and slightly sensitive skin types. If you have hypersensitive skin, make sure you follow the recommendations of your dermatologist or beautician.

Meanwhile, check out which products Mira Filzah uses in the video clip below:

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