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Here’s How Japan Gets Prepared for Tsunamis

Last year, deadly tsunamis struck Indonesia. Many lives were lost and this is definitely not the first time that Indonesia has been struck by those deadly waves. 

Besides Indonesia, Japan is also a country that is prone to have Mother Nature visiting them with a big splash of water.

A listener from Indonesia wrote to NHK World Japan asking about tsunami preparations in Japan.

So, an announcer from NHK World Japan’s Indonesian section, Sri Lestari, went to Sendai to find out how people are making use of the experience of the 2011 disaster.

The Japanese have known to be a community that is fast moving and efficient in everything that they do. Their recent tsunami tragedy with a magnitude of 9.1 has witnessed the lost of lives, injuries and also missing people. 

Many buildings were also crushed and the aftereffect of the tragedy is still very saddening.

NHK World Japan through its ‘What’s Your Connection’ segment is taking you on a journey to witness the 2011 tsunami tragedy in Japan and discover how they prepare for any tsunami situations in the future. 

What’s Your Connection also lets you discover surprising connections between Japan and people and places across the globe.

Reporters talk with audiences in various languages and bring them even closer in touch with Japan.

Watch it live on tonton this Saturday, 13 April at 16:30 and replay on the same day 22:10 and on Sunday at 10:10. 

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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