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Is Harry Styles The Real Prince Eric? Singer Is In Talks As A Front Line In The New Disney Remake

Here comes the prince..

Singer songwriter Harry Styles apparently is in talks with Disney to play the dreamy role of Prince Eric in the live action movie ‘Little Mermaid’.

The Disney remake movie recently found their Ariel when they announced that Halle Balle is set to join the front line of the movie. Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy rumoured to take the lead role of an evil witch Ursula. 

Eric is the prince who was saved by Ariel the mermaid. The two fell in love when Ariel saves the prince from drowning. An evil witch named Ursula trying to separate them, however the two eventually got married and just like all the Disney fairytales, they lived happily ever after..

Harry Styles isn’t the only one rumored  to take the lead role, there are few names on the list. So far, he’s the favourite among everyone. I mean, who doesn’t fancy Harry Styles?

Look at those dimples..

But why Harry Styles? If it’s true then Disney intention of making music as a center component in the movie is not a joke. Apparently, both Styles and Balle are great singers and this is a good addition for the movie’s OST. They both can sing and act, amazingly..

Plus, Harry breakthrough role in Dunkirk was really epic. The movie even won 3 Oscars awards. Swoon!

And yesterday, people went hilariously nuts on Twitter about the possibility of Harry being cast as a Prince Eric. If you wanna take a look at the hilarious memes and videos, just click on this article below.

So, who’s your favourite to play Prince Eric? Tell us in the comment section below!



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