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Primeworks Studios to Release Japanese Live Action Blockbuster, “KINGDOM”

Primeworks Studios today has announced its ingenious plans to release the recent Japanese blockbuster film, KINGDOM in Malaysia on 18 July 2019. KINGDOM is an action-packed adventure film directed by the brilliant minds behind Bleach (2018), Gantz (2011) and Death Note: Light Up The New World (2016), Shinsuke Sato and produced by Sony Pictures Japan. This masterpiece of a film is a live action adaptation of the legendary manga series of the same name, created by Yasuhisa Hara and published by Shueisha since 2006.

Since the film’s release in Japan on 19 April 2019, it has garnered over USD46 million and gathered 3.7 million audiences at the box office. Kento Yamazaki, reprises his role as the film’s protagonist along with an outstanding cast line-up that includes Ryo Yoshizawa, Masami Nagawasa, Kanna Hashimoto and Takao Osawa

The movie sets in China during the Warring States Period, KINGDOM tells the story of an orphaned peasant boy Shin played by Yamazaki, who dreams of rising from his low status as a slave by becoming a great general. Shin has a fateful encounter with the boy destined to become the Qin emperor, Eisei played by Yoshizawa. Eisei proves to be an important ally on Shin’s journey to greatness. Working together, the young boys seek to regain Eisei’s throne and unite China.

“We are truly excited to present this film in Malaysia, for the manga fans and moviegoers who enjoy Asian and action adventure films. This is the first time we’re distributing a Japanese film and we look forward to bringing in many more Asian and Hollywood titles in the near future.  Following Kingdom, audiences can also look forward to the release of our very own locally produced films such as Sangkar (29 August 2019), Rock 4 and Ejen Ali The Movie,”

— Puan Nor Shahila Harun Shah, General Manager, Film and Drama of Primeworks Studios.

At his recent promotional visit to Singapore for KINGDOM, the 24 year-old Kento Yamazaki expressed both his excitement and gratitude in playing the role whom he had looked up to prior being casted.

“I was a fan of the manga even before I was cast in the movie. Landing the role as Shin was exciting but filming was challenging. There was immense pressure on me because this is a very popular and well-loved manga. Additionally, Shin is a self-taught warrior so his fighting style is unique. I had to undergo martial arts training and lose weight for the role but just like the character, I put in 100 percent of my effort all the time.”

— Kento Yamazaki

Audience can anticipate the amazing chemistry between the star-studded cast and the compelling plotline, which has been highly talked about in Japanese media and fans of the film. KINGDOM, will be released in cinemas nationwide on 18 July 2019. For the latest updates in KINGDOM, go to

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