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OG K-Drama Fans Getting a Winter Sonata Sequel

Let’s get real, guys! Who wasn’t going crazy over Winter Sonata back in 2002?

Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo were the dream iconic couple who had girls adoring for a relationship like theirs. Even your next door makcik wouldn’t miss an episode of the drama back then.

The hype was amazing!

Guess what? The word is out and Winter Sonata is making its way back on screen with a sequel! It’s time to squeal and have all the overwhelming feelings that the drama has given us as the sequel is set to be filmed.

According to The Korea Times, a full list of all the members of the cast have not been released yet but the famous horror series ‘Home of the Legends’ director will be responsible for the sequel. 

Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Eun-hee, the scriptwriters of the original Winter Sonata will be reunited for this most anticipated sequel. Their pens must work like sharper swords this time as fans are excited.

Yoon Suk-ho, the original series director declined to participate in the sequel as he cites to the death of Park Yong-ha, the second lead hero of Winter Sonata in the first series. Park had committed suicide and passed away in 2010.

Winter Sonata released the hallyu (Korean wave)  that revolutionised the K-Culture worldwide after its amazing success on screen.

The drama hit the fans very much, and most fans would come to Korea to reincarnate the iconic scenes in the drama. Nami Island is one of the most famous attractions where scenes of the series were filmed at.

Source: Hab Korea

“Old memories are precious indeed. But we will make new ones in the future.”
-Jung Yujin, Winter Sonata.

It’s as if the writers knew that they were going to cook up a storm again 17 years later!

Can’t wait for it to be released so we could all binge on the sequel.

Source: The Korea Times 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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