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Want to be a Lawyer? Then You Must Check Out These Korean Dramas

Court cases are always very intense due to the matter of justice at hand. Sometimes, lawyers end up fighting for the ‘wrong’ side as well. This makes everything more difficult for them in their profession.

Have you ever wondered what does it take to be a proper lawyer? Follow these Korean dramas to see just how tough things can get.


Source: Soompi

Airing on tonton from June 2nd, 2018 onward, viewers can learn legal matters from Choi Kang Seok, a charismatic and successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm. He sets out to look for a new rookie lawyer for the firm.

Meanwhile, Go Yeun Woo has always aspired to be part of the legal team. However, due to his poor background, he had to forego his dreams.

One day, in a desperate moment to get quick cash to pay for his grandmother’s hospital bills, he accepted the job of delivering drugs. Unfortunately, cops started chasing him and he somehow ended up in Kang Seok’s interview room.

Realising that Yeun Woo has a special photographic memory and excellent comprehension skills, Kang Seok decides to take a huge gamble and hire Yeon Woo.

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If you think the title of the drama sounds a lot like the American drama, Suits, then you’re right. This Korean version is an adaptation but with a darker twist.

The drama will start airing on June 2nd, 2018 at 12pm. Subsequent episodes will be on tonton every Saturday and Sunday at the same time.


2. Lawless Lawyer

Source: Soompi

Bong Sang Pil’s mother was mercilessly killed in the hands of a respected judge in the city. Driven by his desire to avenge his mother’s horrid death, he decided to become a lawyer when he grows up.

He was able to achieve this and continued climbing the legal ladder by utilising loopholes to win his cases. When the legal books failed to serve as manuals, Sang Pil decided to use his fists instead to uphold justice.

He opened a law firm in his hometown, Gisung, and later recruits Ha Jae Yi. Jae Yi is a lawyer with a strong sense of integrity but unfortunately had her license suspended for beating up a judge due to an unfair case.

Source: Soompi

As Sang-Pil holds numerous information regarding unfair trials and cases, the cause of death of Jae-Yi’s mother’s also rests in his hand.

Will Sang Pil’s unique way of solving cases uphold justice for his mother?

Follow the intense drama starting June 13th, 2018, every Wednesday and Thursday at 12pm on tonton.


Perhaps after watching these two dramas, you’ll be inspired to become a lawyer yourself!

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