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Ejen Ali The Movie Becomes #3 Highest-Grossing Local Film Of All Time

This proves that Malaysia really has what it takes to go international!

Ejen Ali The Movie which was known as one of the most anticipated title to be released on the big screens has now, once again, set its own new record. With only 6 weeks of its premiere within the local cinemas, the animated feature film from Primeworks Studios and WAU Animation has crossed RM30 million collections mark at the cinema box office!

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The movie received so much love and support from fans all over the country that the title had emerged as Malaysia’s #1 local animated feature film as well as the #3 highest-grossing local film of all time, competing with other big titles such as Upin-Ipin and BoboiBoy.

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Elements that made this movie such a masterpiece are not entirely dependent on the plot and dynamic of its story line, in fact other minor auxiliary elements within the movie also helped in marking its name within the audiences’ impression. One of the elements is the “Mamak Maju” Dance, which had become a phenomenon as soon as the scene hit the big screens.

The viral scene had become so contagious that a “Mamak Maju Dance Challenge” was created in TikTok, calling all fans all over the world to showcase their creative talent in delivering the best “Mamak Maju” dance!

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