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4 Reasons why “Kingdom” Should Be Your #1 Movie Pick for July!

The Japanese blockbuster “Kingdom” is coming to Malaysia’s cinema tomorrow, 18th July 2019!

This action-packed live adaptation to the successful manga that carries the same name has been long-awaited by fans all over the world especially for anime fans and action movie-goers. This masterpiece has been highly anticipated by many because the director Shinsuke Sato, the great mind behind Bleach, Gantz and Death Note: Light Up the New World along with producer Sony Pictures Japan are known for delivering high quality films that had received major positive response from cinema-goers.

In Japan, “Kingdom” had garnered over 3.7 millions audience and has collected an outstanding a total of USD46 million ever since its release in 19th April this year! This proves that this movie that will soon to be released in Malaysia’s cinema screens is one of the marvelous feats that for sure not to be missed by any single person; even if you had never seen or read the anime nor the manga!

If you don’t believe me, here’s FOUR reasons why YOU should watch “Kingdom” tomorrow!

The majestic soundtracks that’ll move your souls!

The main theme of “Kingdom” with the same title is one of the highlights that needs to be heard by everyone. With the beautiful collaboration between climactic drums and the graceful string instruments bring impact to the entire plot of the movie. Whenever the main theme is played anywhere within the movie, viewers are for sure moved instantly and the intensity of the plot is elevated like never seen before.

Concrete plot line.

Ever since the beginning of the movie up until the end, there is not a single minute that would feel like fillers. Taking inspiration from the manga, the movie is able to squeeze in all the important parts of the plot and still managed to arrange the details flawlessly without making it felt hasty. Plus, this movie is not just about action! There are lots of other engaging side plots that’d pull the viewers closer to a personal level. Love, friendship, determination!

The outstanding line of cast.

The talents behind the characters highlighted in the film brilliantly move the plot from one scene to another smoothly! Actor and model Kento Yamazaki who was previously famous for his role as L in Death Note (2015) is the leading actor who plays Shin in “Kingdom”. His vivid acting as Shin is beyond superb along with other admirable characters such as Eisei whom played by Ryo Yoshizawa and former member of Japanese idol girl group Rev. from DLV, Kanna Hashimoto. The chemistry between the actors is so fantastic, especially in scenes where they had to portray their emotions.

Impeccable cinematography that reflects the accurate look and feel of the “manga”.

For sure when you are watching the movie, you’ll instantly be amazed on how good and flawless the cinematography for the movie is! Each scenes were shot beautifully and the battles scenes were matchless. The insensitivity of the blood-raging battles are portrayed brilliantly, leaving the viewers grasp on the breaths and the edge of their seat! After watching the epic battles between Shin’s team and the antagonists, you will feel like staying and re-watching the whole movie all over again. It is THAT good!

There are actually a lot more surprises waiting for you in the cinema hall. Go grab your tickets now and bring along your family and friends. This is that ONE movie that you would not want to miss and I can assure you that!

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