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Game of Thrones Will be Back in April 2019!

HBO announced on Tuesday (11am Eastern Standard Time), that GAME OF THRONES will return in April 2019.

The six-episode eighth and final season of the hit HBO Original series will premiere in Asia, same time as the U.S., exclusively on HBO. The series will also be available on HBO On Demand.

Game of Thrones has been much anticipated after the one-year gap between the 8th and 9th season. Fans have been extremely excited for 2019 as they the date of Season 9’s release approaches.

Now, with the release of another trailer, people are definitely getting more and more anxious for April.

Phrases such as “THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! #ForTheThrone” and “A Man can’t wait for the Final Season” can be seen filling up the comment section.

Have you seen the latest trailer? Watch is here:


Are you guys also looking forward to the first episode?

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》北马掀开战幕!

《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》北上首站去到亚罗士,并找来土生土长的两位北马代表李吉汉和林绿掀开战幕!

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Follow Award-Winning German Designer Horst Raack on His Next Fashion Competition

It’s eye-opening to see what he goes through to win those prestigious awards.

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》网络版!两组人马玩转甲洞争当「Sales King」

《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》网络版!当节目主持人遇上来自台湾的YouTuber,谁将会成为最后的Sales King呢?

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Ben & Bella – Drama Pendek Baru Hannah Delisha & Alvin Chong!

Jangan lupa saksikan drama letups ni okay!

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任《看见你的声音》大来宾 光良淘汰实力者感愧疚


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