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Possible Two Endings to ‘Misteri Dilaila’?

Who doesn’t know the name Dato Yusof Haslam in the entertainment industry?

His son, Syafiq Yusof is definitely following his father’s footsteps pretty nicely with the production of his latest movie ‘Mister Dilaila’.  

Syafiq Yusof has gotten a lot of acknowledgments through his other movies that have won the hearts of the viewers with a lot of interesting and mind-blowing scenes and plots.

‘Misteri Dilaila’ started screening at the cinemas on the 21st February, and netizens who have watched the movie are left with many unanswered questions.

The movie is truly a fresh idea and a new story line introduced by Syafiq Yusof himself, who is also a big fan of thrillers and gruesome oriented movies.

Leaving clues, the young director has tweeted trails regarding the movie, and this has left netizens dumb-founded though still very excited!

He tweeted,

“To those who are looking for #MisteriDilaila, Here’s the second clue: Pay attention to the night scene at the police station”

Fan theories and speculations about the ending of the movie are really true. Some fans have gone to two major cinemas and the endings are clearly different, it’s like the movie has two versions going on at once, with different endings!

How is this even possible? Kudos to Syafiq Yusof for the amazing plot twists and outrageous story line that is becoming the talk of town.

This movie is stared by Zul Ariffin, Elizabeth Tan and Sasqia Dahuri.

‘Misteri Dilaila’ is about a married couple Jefri (Zul Ariffin) and Dilaila (Elizabeth Tan) who went on a holiday at their mansion in Fraser’s Hill but are haunted by a mystery when Dilaila suddenly went missing. 

A fan tweeted, 

“#MisteriDilaila has my thinking cap on non-stop, and when you think you’re right, BOOM! It’s actually a plot twist! And all of your guesses are never right. You will want to watch the movie again, just after the movie’s finished!” 

Many good reviews have gone out for this movie, and the director himself is very please and overwhelmed with all responses and ratings of the movie from the viewers.

This movie is still screening at major cinemas so go and watch both versions of the movie and have fun unveiling #MisteriDilaila 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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