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Here’s the Inside Story on the Man Behind Tesla

DocFilm is DW’s documentary programme that showcases exciting stories, a wide variety of topics and fascinating pictures.

This 30-minute show is on air everyday.

The background of the content shown in DocFilm is carefully researched and reports from different issues such as politics, business, science, culture, nature, history, lifestyle and even sports. 

In this week’s episode, DocFilm presents you ‘A Charged Business’.

Tesla is no stranger in the automobile industry with its unique features and capabilities. Car enthusiasts are always star-struck by this amazing creation and car technology. The industry has definitely been struck by Tesla which came like a bolt of lighting.

First and foremost, the company’s CEO, Mr Elon Musk, is a showman through and through. The brilliant boss and his company are coming under growing tension as not everything in the industry runs smoothly. 

Members of the staff are reporting dubious working conditions and chaotic situation in general.

The production levels for Tesla are faltering, losses are mounting and the shining figure of Elon Musk is being met with increased resistance. 

Don’t miss out this episode airing on March 11 at 9:15am on tonton

DocFilm also presents you episodes on other issues, each day brings you different wonders. It is on air everyday at the following times:

Live Mon – Fri 9:15AM
Repeat Mon – Fri 1:15PM
  Saturday 10:15AM
  Sunday 3:15AM

If you’re a car enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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