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Watch Thirty Men Risk Their Lives as They Race Across the Japanese Alps

Would you run through 415 kilometres of treacherous trail just for the sake of self-satisfaction?

Thirty men decided to race across the Japanese Alps from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean in August 2018, and their entire journey was documented into the most thrilling series ever.

There were no prizes offered for coming in first place except for bragging rights, and this group is made out of amateurs too!

As if going through the mountains wasn’t arduous enough, they also had to brave torrential storms throughout. The eight days spent fighting to reach the finish line was plagued with fatigue.

There were so many other options they could have went with instead of this particular tenacious one, and yet, for the sake of taking up a challenge, the men chose the Japanese Alps.

With very little rest, they also faced high risks of injuring themselves as the tough trail involved soft earth, uneven grounds, and steep slopes, whereby a slight lack of focus could have sent them tumbling to their end.

Don’t miss out on the gripping show titled A Race Across the Japanese Alps on January 19th, 2019, at 9.10am, 3.10pm, 9.10pm, and on January 20th, 3.10am. Catch it live via tonton through the website as well as the app.

It’s a show you can’t miss!

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No Lah, Spongebob Squarepants is NOT Ending Anytime Soon

There are rumours saying that the iconic cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants will come to a complete halt. Of course, that is all just a lie, lah.

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23 MBO Outlets Screened Dumbo for Free to Over 3,400 Underprivileged Kids

MBO partnered with Kiwanis Malaysia to give these children a wonderful weekend.

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Hairul Azreen Dan Ammar Alfian Dalam Sisatan?

Hairul Azreen yang mendakwa dia dan Ammar Alfian hampir menjadi mangsa culik?

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RM50,000 Up for Grabs on TV3’s Newest Reality Show, ‘Lagu Cinta Kita’

Starring Scha Al-Yahya and Hael Husaini as main the main judges.

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Keseluruhan plot juga tidak mencapai standard yang diinginkan penonton.

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《厉阴宅》系列电影为近几年爱看恐怖片观众的最爱,最令人印象深刻的便是《安娜贝尔》;近日温子仁(James Wan)更是公开《安娜贝尔3》的部分资讯,让喜欢这类恐怖电影的观众想必相当期待!

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面食控们不能错过~ 这一期《好吃!》将为大家介绍隐藏于雪隆区的面档以及面食!同时主持人也希望节目有如「面」的好意头,越做越长寿。

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「适度改编 vs 还原原唱」王力宏李荣浩强强碰撞!


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