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Watch Thirty Men Risk Their Lives as They Race Across the Japanese Alps

Would you run through 415 kilometres of treacherous trail just for the sake of self-satisfaction?

Thirty men decided to race across the Japanese Alps from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean in August 2018, and their entire journey was documented into the most thrilling series ever.

There were no prizes offered for coming in first place except for bragging rights, and this group is made out of amateurs too!

As if going through the mountains wasn’t arduous enough, they also had to brave torrential storms throughout. The eight days spent fighting to reach the finish line was plagued with fatigue.

There were so many other options they could have went with instead of this particular tenacious one, and yet, for the sake of taking up a challenge, the men chose the Japanese Alps.

With very little rest, they also faced high risks of injuring themselves as the tough trail involved soft earth, uneven grounds, and steep slopes, whereby a slight lack of focus could have sent them tumbling to their end.

Don’t miss out on the gripping show titled A Race Across the Japanese Alps on January 19th, 2019, at 9.10am, 3.10pm, 9.10pm, and on January 20th, 3.10am. Catch it live via tonton through the website as well as the app.

It’s a show you can’t miss!

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黄玮瑄主持《谨训》自嘲太独立 恐找不到男朋友


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Aaron Aziz is a well-known name in Malaysia and Singapore for his good looks and great acting. But now it seems like he is expanding his horizons!

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》北马掀开战幕!

《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》北上首站去到亚罗士,并找来土生土长的两位北马代表李吉汉和林绿掀开战幕!

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Liyana Jasmay Tak Letak Sasaran Pada Bella Dan Jamie

Jangan lupa saksikan filem Bella & Jamie!

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网民投选《The Emoji Movie》为2017年最差电影

还有不到一个月,就要结束2017年啦!美国有电影网站就做了项网上调查,让网民投票选出今年最烂电影,而结果“呼之欲出”,动画《表情符号电影》(The Emoji Movie)被选为2017年度最差电影。

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tonton 煲剧最享受 与泰国同步观赏《花戒指》

在这个充满欢乐佳节气氛的 12 月,马来西亚第一网络电视 tonton 将会为你带来与泰国同步播出的全新电视剧《花戒指》以及本地马来电视剧《Zahir Tak Terucap》。

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New Horror Series’ First Episode Based on Malaysia’s Toyol

It’s all about Asian horror stories this time.

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ntv7启动新面貌,从即日起启播崭新节目!主打节目有国语每日早晨清谈节目及国语周日娱乐新闻,以全新主持阵容及轻松好玩的内容来吸引观众的目光!一众主持人、艺人皆出席昨日举行的“FEEL IT 推介礼”,预祝所有节目旗开得胜,收视长虹。

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Tiada Persefahaman Punca Intan Najwa Putus Tunang?

Pelakon drama Setelah Ku Dimiliki ini mengakui beliau kini telahpun kembali solo apabila mengumumkan ikatan pertunangan bersama ahli perniagaan, Razrul Anwar Rusli sudahpun terlerai. Menurut Intan Najuwa, 23, beliau menganggap apa yang terjadi antara mereka […]

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