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There are many local shows and movies which cover the topic of love, but none thus far have embodied the true essence of this emotion like how Pulang does.

Pulang is a brand new movie produced by the ever amazing Primeworks Studios. The movie is directed by Kabir Bhatia who is also famous for other local productions such as Sepi and Setem.

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It also stars amazing local artists such as Remy Ishak, Puteri Aishah Sulaiman, Alvin Wong, Azrel Ismail, Erwin Dawson, Sherry Al-Jeffri, Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan, Juliana Evans, Dato’ Rahim Razali, Aida Khaleeda and more.

The film is set around the 1940’s era and depicts a man who is determined to improve his poverty-stricken family’s situation into a comfortable one.

And so, he sets sail into the vast sea. However, before leaving his wife and children behind, he promised he will return with riches.

With a lifetime’s worth of patience, the wife calmly let him go and loyally waited for his return…for 61 years.

The movie carries a deep thought; what is the point of being lathered in wealth when in the end, we are left to our lonely selves with no one by our sides?

This epic motion picture perfectly blends fantastic cinematography with innovative CGI and exceptional acting to bring a magnificent tale to life.

The movie will be released in local cinemas soon but an exact date has yet to be set. So, follow Pulang’s official Facebook page for the latest updates.

Meanwhile, the trailer has also been released. Check it out here:

I definitely can’t wait to watch this!

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