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Running Man Members to Appear on CJ WOW Shop This Weekend!

Thanks to a special collaboration between CJ WOW Shop and South Korea’s Channel A, Malaysians will get to watch Running Man’s Ji Suk Jin and Yang Se Chan, INFINITE’s Sung Jong and Brown Eyed Girls’ Je A live on national TV!

In a show called Sales King TV, the quartet will be trying to sell out 3 different items – Dr. Dental Care liquid mouthwash, Yufit-V-Care Lifting Mask, and Samyang Spicy Ramyun – in 3 different sessions.

They will be competing against each other as well hoping to come out as the top seller.

CJ WOW Shop’s CEO, Kim Yang Hyun, said,

“At CJ WOW Shop, we’re continuously seeking new ways to deliver the shoppertainment experience to Malaysians.

“We double down on this commitment through Sales King TV, making selling and buying on television much more entertaining for customers and viewers.

“Leveraging Korean star power for the first time, Sales King TV will set CJ WOW Shop apart as a sensational media commerce platform.

“This collaboration follows the huge success of our recent campaign with Wanna One.

“We hope it will also inspire a host of exciting collaboration possibilities while putting Malaysia as a prime market for the Korean wave products.”

To aid the 4 Korean stars are CJ WOW Shop hosts; Zaim Helmi, Riza Saad, Jimmy Shanley, Lily Liyana, Shinkong, Kah Chee and Pauline.

The schedule is as below:

 Date :  August 4th, Saturday   August 4th, Saturday August 5th, Sunday
Time  : 9am – 10am 1pm – 2pm 11am – 12pm
Channel : TV9 8TV TV9
Product  :  Dr. Dental Care Mouth Wash  Yufit-V-Care Lifting Mask Samyang Spicy Ramyun

Don’t forget to catch the programmes and the number you’d want to remember is 1-800-18-0808. For more information, check out CJ WOW Shop’s website or mobile app.

Oh, don’t forget, you can watch these channels right here on xtra!

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《Angel Has Fallen 天使沦陷》5 大必看爆点!

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Media Prima Bawa Hollywood E! News Kepada Penonton

Korang boleh menonton edisi E! Malaysia sepenuhnya yang akan disiarkan di laman Youtube sebanyak 12 episod.

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Banglasia 2.0 Filem Komedi Penuh Kontroversi Bakal Menemui Penonton Malaysia

Banglasia 2.0 menarik perhatian seluruh dunia apabila tayangan filem ini diadakan di New York Asian Film Festival dan the Osaka International Film Festival serta the Singapore International Film Festival namun masih belum pernah ditayangkan di negara Malaysia sendiri. 

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Attention! Ejen Ali Teams Up With Mydin For A BTS 2020 Collaboration!

First collaboration between Mydin and Ejen Ali set to gear up your school’s preparation for 2020.

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《旺得福梁细妹》破800万票房 开拍《钱不够用3》?


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这星期的《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》拉大队飘洋过海去到了霹雳州的邦咯岛,获得岛民们热情的支持!

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