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Running Man Members to Appear on CJ WOW Shop This Weekend!

Thanks to a special collaboration between CJ WOW Shop and South Korea’s Channel A, Malaysians will get to watch Running Man’s Ji Suk Jin and Yang Se Chan, INFINITE’s Sung Jong and Brown Eyed Girls’ Je A live on national TV!

In a show called Sales King TV, the quartet will be trying to sell out 3 different items – Dr. Dental Care liquid mouthwash, Yufit-V-Care Lifting Mask, and Samyang Spicy Ramyun – in 3 different sessions.

They will be competing against each other as well hoping to come out as the top seller.

CJ WOW Shop’s CEO, Kim Yang Hyun, said,

“At CJ WOW Shop, we’re continuously seeking new ways to deliver the shoppertainment experience to Malaysians.

“We double down on this commitment through Sales King TV, making selling and buying on television much more entertaining for customers and viewers.

“Leveraging Korean star power for the first time, Sales King TV will set CJ WOW Shop apart as a sensational media commerce platform.

“This collaboration follows the huge success of our recent campaign with Wanna One.

“We hope it will also inspire a host of exciting collaboration possibilities while putting Malaysia as a prime market for the Korean wave products.”

To aid the 4 Korean stars are CJ WOW Shop hosts; Zaim Helmi, Riza Saad, Jimmy Shanley, Lily Liyana, Shinkong, Kah Chee and Pauline.

The schedule is as below:

 Date :  August 4th, Saturday   August 4th, Saturday August 5th, Sunday
Time  : 9am – 10am 1pm – 2pm 11am – 12pm
Channel : TV9 8TV TV9
Product  :  Dr. Dental Care Mouth Wash  Yufit-V-Care Lifting Mask Samyang Spicy Ramyun

Don’t forget to catch the programmes and the number you’d want to remember is 1-800-18-0808. For more information, check out CJ WOW Shop’s website or mobile app.

Oh, don’t forget, you can watch these channels right here on xtra!

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Ejen Ali The Movie Drops Trailer #2!

After so long, Ejen Ali gives us more sneak peaks.

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《大娱乐家》胡须女练唱一半泪崩 画面令人动容

休‧杰克曼(Hugh Jackman)在脸书分享一支拍摄前的练唱影片,饰演“胡须女”的琪雅拉‧赛特尔(Keala Settle)练唱《我就是我》(This is me)突泪崩,紧握着他的手,让不少网友感动。

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美国ABC影集《童话小镇》(Once Upon a Time)播出至今7年,确定在本季第7季画下句点,官方现在宣布虽然许多老班底没有演出最新一季,但是都会出现在最后一集中,和剧迷正式道别。

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Kingdom Siri Manga Paling Popular Jepun, Bakal Menyerang Pawagam Berhampiran Anda Mulai Esok!

Kingdom pastinya ‘worth it’ untuk di tonton! Jom serang pawagam berhampiran mulai esok!

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Starring Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgass, Geostorm is a scientific movie about two brothers who team up together to save the world. When the network of satellites named “Dutch Boy” designed to control the global climate starts to attack Earth, it’s a race against the clock for its creator to uncover the real threat before a worldwide Geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.

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《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》史上最难拍摄!峇株巴辖站

本地全新综艺节目《Durian Kaya Teh Tarik》史上拍摄难度最高!柔佛峇株巴辖站~

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Train To Busan Sequel “Peninsula” To Hit Premiere August 2020!

Wonder what story line will they come up this time? New plot lines or continuation?

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